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MODERN DIABETES CENTER is a first private clinic of modern endocrinology in Ukraine. We offer all-in-one service via multidisciplinary medical care. Our patient can receive medical consultation, screening for complications, special diabetes education and a dietary advice in one visit to MDC. We are focused on personalized treatment and prevention of complications.

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All types of Diabetes and its complications: Diabetes in adults ■ Diabetes in infants and children ■ Impairment of vision in diabetes (eye complications) ■ Diabetic foot syndrome (podology/podiatry) ■ Diabetic neuropathy.

Diseases of the thyroid gland: Goiter ■ Hyper-function of the thyroid gland ■ Thyroid hypothyroidism ■ Thyroiditis ■ Autoimmune thyroiditis (goiter of Hashimoto) ■ Other thyroid gland diseases

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome X ■ Disorder of Nutrition ■ Disease malnutrition ■ Metabolic disorders ■ Negative manifestations of menopause ■ Alopecia and baldness ■ Dysfunction of the adrenal glands ■ Growth problems in children ■ Problems of sexual differentiation in children


  • Complex clinical diagnostics
  • Clinical blood and urine tests with guaranteed accuracy of results in our own modern fully equipped laboratory
  • Inpatient treatment during the day (day hospital)
  • Support for patients of type 1 during the pregnancy

  • Differential diagnostics of hormone-dependent tumours
  • Installation of insulin pumps and monitoring of glucose level
  • Detox and Anti-Age programs
  • Relief of manifestations of menopause
  • Ultrasonography (ultrasound) of all organs and systems including echocardiography dopplerography (Doppler) etc.

  • Puncture of the thyroid gland
  • Medical pedicure and podiatry service
  • Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment
  • Health promotion.

MDC staff of 35 specialists includes medical doctors, nurses, clinical laboratory technicians, podologists/podiatrists, dieticians and other administrative personnel. Among our doctors there are specialists in endocrinology, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, dietetics/nutrition, podology/podiatry, therapy, paediatrics, physiotherapy, ultrasound diagnosticians. The specialists of MDC are doctors of the highest qualification category, MD with extensive experience, Honoured Doctors of Ukraine, known far beyond the country of Ukraine.
High qualification of doctors, modern methods of treatment, the newest equipment and the complex approach in conducting patients allow MDC to reach high quality results of treatment. The high efficiency of treatment in the MODERN DIABETIC CENTER is also due to the introduction of the most modern standards of personalized medicine.

MODERN DIABETES CENTER applied Quality Management System fulfilling requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

Larissa NIFONTOVA, Chief Doctor and Medical Director

Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, endocrinologist of the highest qualification category, Experience: 33 years.

Doctor Nifontova focuses on the treatment of diabetes in children and adults, the installation and maintenance of insulin pumps, conducts continuous monitoring of glucose (CGM) in order to achieve the optimal compensation of carbohydrate metabolism. Particular attention she pays to diet of patients suffering from diabetes types 1 and 2 types. Also she consults patients with any other diseases of the endocrine system, hormonal disorders, including - thyroid gland diseases, obesity, metabolic syndrome, adrenal dysfunction, impaired growth and sexual development in children, etc.

MDC’s main task is to ensure the quality of life for its patients at the level of healthy people! It is important to keep ahead of the disease all the time: to recognize the disease in time and prevent its complications, to live a full life. The clinic of modern endocrinology MDC concentrates all its efforts to ensure that patients have an opportunity to promptly and quickly undergo a comprehensive examination and correction of treatment. Only under these conditions people can easily walk, have good eyesight, get the exact amount of needed medicine and be able to realize all the abilities and talents granted by fate to everyone.

We believe that the mission to be happy is possible for everyone!

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Zoologichna street 3D, Kyiv, Ukraine


+38 (044) 483 7 888, +38 (050) 308 7 888